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Privacy, Terms and Conditions Of Use

(pursuant to Article 13 of the Code regarding the protection of personal data and subsequent update of the European Privacy Regulation GDPR)

The "Boerci Daniele company" with headquarters in Via Bassini, 4 in Pavia is the owner of the MJJCENTER.COM domain and the ecommerce business connected to it. In this information, both definitions (Company and website) will always report to the same legal entity. Pursuant to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree. 196 of 30 JUNE 2003 (Code regarding the protection of personal data) and the subsequent European Privacy Regulation GDPR, hereinafter the 'Privacy Code', we hereby inform you that the aforementioned legislation provides for the protection of persons and others subjects with respect to the processing of personal data and that such processing must be based on principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of your privacy and your rights. Your data will therefore be processed in compliance with current legislation and in compliance with the confidentiality obligations which inspire the activity of our company. In particular, we would like to inform you that:

1) Purpose of processing
The company Boerci Daniele collects and processes personal data of the interested parties / customers to whom this information is addressed for the execution of the obligations deriving from the contractual and pre-contractual relationships established with customers and suppliers, in particular:

- activities planning
- customer management and the related services performed for them
- supplier management
- compliance with accounting and fiscal obligations

the provision of data is:

a) mandatory for the achievement of the purposes related to the obligations established by laws or other binding regulations.
b) necessary for the correct establishment and continuation of the relationship established with you. Any refusal to provide the above data, even if legitimate, could compromise the regular development of the relationship with our company and make it impossible for the company Boerci Daniele to make purchases from suppliers and to execute customer orders as well as to perform any requested services and their related billing.

Pursuant to Art. 24 of the Code regarding the processing of personal data, the processing of your data can be carried out, limited to the purposes listed above, without consent.

2) Communication to third parties and dissemination
The achievement of the aforementioned purposes may take place by means of transmission and communication of data to third parties authorized by our company to process as external data processors, to carry out or provide, with a guarantee of protection of the rights of the interested party, specific services relating to execution of the contractual relationship such as:

- banks and credit institutions
- companies, consultants and freelancers, also in associated form

2a) Possible use of SMARTSUPP chat (discontinued)

In case of use of the SMARTSUPP chat your personal data (name, surname, email) can be collected by us to carry out the assistance service and processed by third parties, such as Smartsupp.com, s.r.o, VAT ID CZ03668681. The user can at any time obtain information regarding which of his data are processed, the type of use, and possibly request its portability and / or cancellation. The company Boerci Daniele undertakes to keep the IPs of the users using the chat anonymous. The assistance chat history is stored on Smartsupp.com servers for a minimum period of 3 months after which it is deleted.

2b) Possible subscription to the MJJCENTER.COM / MAILCHIMP mailing list (discontinued)

In case of subscription to the mailing list (newsletter) of MJJCENTER.COM your personal data (email) will be collected by the company Boerci Daniele and processed through the third service MAILCHIMP according to the regulations in force for statistical purposes, sending newsletters, commercial information , special offers and portal service communications. You can revoke this permission at any time by "unsubscribe".

2c) Possible use of the chat module MJJCENTER.COM / WHATSAPP (discontinued)

In case of use of the WHATSAPP chat present at the bottom of the website, your personal data (name, surname, email and / or telephone number) and any information that you voluntarily provide, will be collected by us and used exclusively to carry out the service of real-time assistance. In no case, once the chat session is closed, MJJCENTER.COM retains or transfers information that may concern you. At the same time MJJCENTER.COM does not send subsequent messages that do not have to do with the request for assistance initiated by the customer.

3) Dissemination and transfer of data abroad
The Boerci Daniele Company undertakes not to disclose the personal data in its possession and provided by its customers in any way either on Italian soil (except for the exception in points 2, 2a and 2b) or abroad.

4) Sensitive data
The processing of the data of the interested party will not have as its object data of a sensitive nature, pursuant to art. 4, paragraph 1, letter d) and article 26 of the Code, or the set of data suitable for revealing racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, adherence to parties, trade unions, associations and organizations of a religious, philosophical, political or trade union nature, as well as personal data suitable for revealing the state of health or any sexual orientation.

4a) Cookies Policy (New EU directive on cookies)
Cookies are portions of data that are stored by the browser on the hard drive of the computer. At any time you can enter your browser options and decide whether to delete or limit the use of cookies on your computer. The company Boerci Daniele through MJJCENTER.COM uses cookies for statistical purposes and, with your consent, to recognize you when you visit the site, re-propose the cart with purchases not yet completed and save any navigation settings within the site. These cookies are of the "technical" type and are necessary for the optimal use of our website. Cookies allow you to collect information relating to the use of our services and to improve their quality based on consumer preferences. Our cookies do not contain personal data, or anything else that could allow hackers or malicious people to get hold of information about you.

Our website may also contain "third party" applications that use cookies called "profiling" and / or "inter-site cookies" (Google Adsense / Facebook / Amazon Pay) capable of improving the usability of the web portal. The most frequent case concerns the payment methods made available within mjjcenter.com. The various payment gateways, to allow you to use them, may save cross-site cookies on your device, specially created to allow the correct checkout procedure. In any case, through the options of your browser, you can intervene on their behavior, their duration and plan their cancellation and / or acceptance or inform yourself directly from the respective companies about their privacy policies:

Facebook's Applications & privacy cookies:
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Normativa Vigente in Italia (Garante Privacy):
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Amazon's Applications & privacy cookies:

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In terms of transparency towards our visitors and / or customers, below we point out the cookies that you may find on your PC in relation to the use of our site mjjcenter.com.

The acceptance of our cookies is necessary for the regular use of the site itself and to carry out the tasks of purchasing and paying for the goods ordered through our portal. In any case MJJCENTER.COM does not trace or profile its customers in any way.

- PHPSESSID (starts with the session and ends with the browsing session)
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- cookie_js (can have a duration of 24h)
- cookie_ue (can have a duration of one year)
- language (can last 30 days)

In conjunction with the technical cookies of the mjjcenter.com site, some of them are activated during the session that we will call "inter-site cookies", ie those third-party cookies necessary to activate and / or use a certain type of application / payment. These include Amazon Pay cookies.

- session-id
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- session-token

Blocking, your non-authorization or removal of these cookies implies that you cannot use the Amazon Pay payment gateway within the mjjcenter.com store. This type of cookies is basically used to guarantee the user usability of a website. Blocking, your unauthorization or removal of technical cookies used within MJJCENTER.COM compromises your ability to use our services.

5) Processing methods
The Boerci Daniele Company processes the personal data of the interested parties in a lawful and correct manner in order to ensure confidentiality and security. The processing takes place using manual, electronic and telematic tools respecting the purposes indicated expressed in this information. In particular, all technical, organizational and procedural security measures will be adopted as provided for by Legislative Decree 196/2003 and Annex 8 to the same decree so that the minimum level of data protection required by law is guaranteed. Access to data is allowed only to persons in charge of processing.

6) Rights of the interested party
In relation to the processing of personal data, the rights referred to in Article 7 of the Code are vested in the interested party, including:

- obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data
- obtain the indication of the origin of personal data, of the purposes and methods of treatment, of the logic applied in the treatment with the aid of electronic tools,
the identification details of the Data Controller and Data Processor, of the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated.
- obtain the updating, rectification or integration of their data, the cancellation or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, the attestation that the aforementioned operations have been brought to the attention, also as regards their content, of those to whom the data have been communicated or disseminated except in the case of objectively impossible fulfillment by the company in the face of disproportionate means and costs compared to the protected right.
- oppose the processing, for legitimate reasons or the processing of personal data collected for the purpose of sending advertising material or direct sales or for any market research or commercial communication.

Furthermore, with the new European GDPR Privacy Regulation, the interested party has the right to limit the processing of their personal data (unless the company's legal obligations are compromised or an existing contract between the parties is compromised) and right to the portability of their data and to be able to receive them in electronic format in order to be able to store and / or transfer them to another owner.

6a) Duration and security of data retention

The storage of customer data takes place for as long as necessary to perform the service and functions of the MJJCENTER.COM site and for the legal obligations deriving from the ecommerce activity. These obligations extend to third parties as provided for in point 2 in the cases provided for by current legislation. MJJCENTER.COM will keep the data of its customers for a minimum period of 10 years unless otherwise requested / intervention by the interested party, effectively renewing its conservation over time by virtue of new contracts in place with the customer.

The security of the data provided at the time of registration (and / or to other services of the MJJCENTER.COM portal) is guaranteed by the SSL Let's Encrypt protocol at 128bit-256bit on Register.it hosting, while particular attention is paid to both periodic automatic backups. (by the hosting) and periodic backups by MJJCENTER.COM

7) Owner and Manager
The data controller is the Boerci Daniele company with headquarters in Pavia, Via Bassini, 4. The data controller (who also has the role of person in charge of data treatment) is Mr. Boerci Daniele.

For more information about the new European GDPR legislation on data protection you can click HERE.

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FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF THE CUSTOMER (Update to Legislative Decree no.170 of November 4, 2021)

At MJJCENTER.COM we are committed to guaranteeing you some fundamental rights and to making your shopping experience as smooth and satisfying as possible. Therefore we guarantee, according to the regulations in force, your:

The regulatory references on the subject are Article 52 and following of Legislative Decree 206/2005, according to which the right of withdrawal can be exercised by the final consumer, or by a "natural person who (...) acts for purposes that can consider themselves unrelated to their professional activity "(according to the definition offered by Article 2, paragraph 1, letter a of Legislative Decree 50/1992).

The consumer has the right to withdraw from any distance contract, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within 15 (fifteen) working days. The right of withdrawal applies to all goods that can be returned exactly in the state in which they are shipped by our company. By their nature, cd / dvd / vhs without their original packaging and not compliant with the shipping conditions (i.e. opened by the customer) or magazines and newspapers cannot be included in the right of withdrawal according to current legislation.

The right of withdrawal of digital products can take place within 15 days of purchase. This right, as well as the reimbursement of expenses, ceases once the download has started. By downloading the file you declare that you accept the current legislation.

The cost of returning the goods, subject to the authorization of the Boerci Daniele company, remains fully charged to the buyer who is responsible for it until receipt and successful completion of the receipt by the company. The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending a written communication, by:

- registered letter with return receipt to Ditta Boerci Daniele - Via Bassini, 4 - 27100 PAVIA.

- telegram to Ditta Boerci Daniele - Via Bassini, 4 - 27100 PAVIA.

- communication via email (indicating the order number and item to be returned) to the address: michaelmania.com@gmail.com

provided that, in these cases, the receipt of the communication is confirmed and authorized by MJJCENTER.COM within the following 48 hours.

By virtue of a policy strictly linked to customer satisfaction, the interested party can assert their right also by communicating their intention through the tools within their customer profile / account (text messages) and / or via email to the addresses indicated. at the bottom of the homepage. MJJCENTER.COM undertakes to consider this type of communication in the same way as the previous ones (registered letter and / or telegram) and to act accordingly.

Once the integrity of the returned goods has been verified, the company will have 15 working days to return the total amount spent at the time of the order, except for any new agreements with the customer in case of replacement (at no cost to the customer) or note of accreditation.

The right of return allows the consumer to return an item, within a certain period of time, as per current legislation, for products purchased in any type of formula: online, in the physical store, through telephone or television sales or carried out with the door at the door.

The return can be exercised within 15 days from the date of receipt of the goods only in cases where:

- The purchased item has a manufacturing defect
- The product does not correspond to the description proposed in the online shop
- The product is not in conformity with the advertising
The costs of returning the defective goods are always borne by the buyer who undertakes to send the item in question to MJJCENTER.COM. Once the validity of the action taken has been verified, MJJCENTER.COM undertakes to replace the item previously purchased free of charge and without further expense for the customer, unless otherwise agreed which may also provide for a full refund of the amount paid at the time of the order online.

The recent reform of the Consumer Code (effective from 1 January 2022) strengthens the obligations of e-commerce in terms of legal guarantee.

The new legislation provides that the e-commerce site (MJJCenter.com) must transparently inform the user about:

- suitability of the goods to the needs of the final consumer
- conformity of the goods with the description, as indicated in advertising and post-sales communications
- characteristics of the product sold.

MJJCenter.com also undertakes not to hide any costs from the consumer necessary to use the product / service purchased online.

The Consumer Code also provides that the e-commerce site is responsible to the consumer for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery of the goods that occurs within two years from that moment. A presumption about these defects identifies those that have emerged within 6 months of delivery as existing at the time of shipment. With the new legislation, this presumption is extended to one year from the delivery of the goods for greater consumer protection.

Regarding the sale of digital goods and services, the rules require e-commerce to have fulfilled its obligations when:

- The digital content is made available to the consumer (or any means suitable for its access)
- The digital service is made accessible to the consumer (or to a physical or virtual installation chosen by the customer)

Even the terms of modification of the digital product / service can only take place:

- if provided for by the general conditions with valid motivation
- if this modification does not involve costs for the consumer
- whether the consumer is informed in a clear and understandable way
- if the modification affects (negatively) the use of the digital good / service after notifying the customer on the modalities and times of modification and on the possible possibility of withdrawing from the contract while maintaining the original content / service without changes.

These rights, and others that MJJcenter.com grants to the consumer, are mandatory and represent an explicit desire of MJJCenter.com to offer a clear, transparent service for the protection of its customers / consumers.

Through MJJCENTER.COM it is possible to pay with credit and debit / postepay cards in complete safety, because this is done directly through the Paypal/Amazon Pay/Satispay/Stripe/ Bank circuit that deals with the execution of the transaction and in a safe environment. During the customer data entry and subsequent payment operations, they are transmitted encrypted using a highly effective SSL (Secure Socket Layer - AES-256 256 bit) encrypted connection.

The mjjcenter.com website supports authentication verified by Let's Encrypt, a Certification Authority that has been trusted for this use. The Boerci Daniele company and its legal representative cannot in any way view, manage or trace the customer's credit card data.

The advantages: the buyer enters credit card details only when connected to the bank server / payment processor which guarantees an extremely high level of security. At the same time, all customer registration data (name, surname, address, user and password) are collected in a safe and secure environment.

* The payment methods / gateways / partners adopted within the MJJCENTER.COM site during checkout may undergo changes / additions / cancellations without prior notice to the customer who, from time to time, can independently choose the most suitable option to his needs to complete the order. MJJCENTER.COM is committed to providing its customers with the best payment solutions compatible with their costs and costs / benefits ratio for the company and the customer.

::: ::: :::


The following terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between the customer (user) and the Boerci Daniele Company (hereinafter MJJCENTER.COM) and perfect the obligations and rights of both parties in accordance with the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206 / 2005).

These conditions are valid for the sale and shipment of products to the final consumer through the MJJCENTER.COM shopcenter. MJJCENTER.COM operates within the European Community and its customers must necessarily be resident within the Community in order to order. The company has the right to modify or upgrade these rules / conditions in the future with the sole obligation to notify its customers in good time, especially if the new conditions modify and / or change the consumer's rights.

The contract between the user and MJJCENTER is considered valid for all purposes after MJJCENTER.COM's communication of the receipt and acceptance of the order made by the user. MJJCENTER.COM has the right to withdraw from the contract and from all its obligations at any time in the event of errors or situations that affect the correct fulfillment of the agreement and if this situation is attributable to the user. In any case, the only obligation of MJJCENTER.COM will be to notify the customer and interrupt the purchase procedure and possibly refund the amount paid at checkout.

The prices within the MJJCENTER.COM shopcenter are clearly displayed and include VAT. The final cost of an item is given by the set of its price, by the shipping and packaging costs and by the administrative procedures to "process" the order. Shipping costs may vary depending on the customer's choices. All prices and item descriptions are subject to change without notice. The images used to describe the products are to be considered non-contractual but simply explanatory of the product in question. In some cases the image of the product inside the MJJCENTER.COM shop center may be different from the actual product.

Once MJJCENTER.COM has accepted the order, has the responsibility to do its best to get the purchased item (s) to the customer as quickly as possible. Delivery times are clearly described but are to be considered indicative and may vary according to the actual availability of the product in stock, the time needed to process the order and the actual shipping times that the courier applies. MJJCENTER.COM reserves the right to ship multiple items in separate shipments at no additional cost to the customer. In that case MJJCENTER.COM will notify the customer via email of the procedure and the respective delivery times.

MJJCENTER.COM has a customer satisfaction oriented sales policy. We ensure that our customers can count on us to keep their rights throughout the distance selling process. MJJCENTER.COM guarantees that the products inside the shopcenter are new and free from defects (unless otherwise specified) upon departure from our warehouse. The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract with MJJCENTER.COM within 15 working days of receipt of the goods. This right can be exercised by sending a registered letter with return receipt to: Ditta Boerci Daniele - Via Bassini, 4 - 27100 PAVIA (ITALY).

By virtue of a policy strictly linked to customer satisfaction, the interested party can assert their right also by communicating their intention through the tools within their customer profile / account (text messages) and / or via email to the addresses indicated. at the bottom of the homepage. MJJCENTER.COM undertakes to consider this type of communication in the same way as the previous ones (registered letter and / or telegram) and to act accordingly.

The return of a product must be pre-authorized by MJJCENTER.COM and the shipping costs are always charged to the customer who must take care to send his order in the same conditions of receipt. Once the return has been received, MJJCENTER.COM will have 15 working days to make the full refund (paid at the checkout of the order) except for further agreements between the parties in the meantime, including any replacements of goods and / or issuance of credit notes.

MJJCENTER.COM has the sole responsibility to consider, check and accept with the customer the taking charge and processing of the online order. During the checkout process the customer can choose between different payment methods and shipping options. By choosing these options, the customer agrees to accept estimated delivery times without any guarantee, other than that provided by third parties (couriers). Delivery times may change based on many factors, including errors or misunderstandings deriving directly from the customer or for reasons beyond the competence and responsibility of MJJCENTER.COM. Shipments are managed by the postal service and through the use of couriers both in Italy and within the European Community through "priority" and "registered" packages. The customer agrees to be aware that priority shipments represent a "fast" method, but not traceable to the goods, while those registered have generally longer delivery times but greater security.
MJJCENTER.COM is not responsible for any delay in the delivery of products not attributable to its own behavior but exclusively to the work of third parties. Altresi cannot be held responsible for damage to all or part of the goods traveling through carriers external to the company. In the event of a lost shipment, MJJCENTER.COM has the right to carry out all the necessary checks in order to ascertain the responsibilities of the non-delivery, not least obtaining information from the companies involved, checking the customer's personal data and address. shipping and the correctness of the order in all its parts. Only in case of anomalies and / or suspicion of fraud / scam to the detriment of MJJCENTER.COM, the user's account can be suspended in order to prevent the perpetuation of subsequent identical behaviors. Once the checks have been successful, MJJCENTER.COM will propose to the customer the re-sending of the ordered goods and / or any refund of the amount paid at the time of online checkout.
For registered shipments MJJCENTER.COM is obliged to prove (in the event of an explicit request by the customer) that the shipment has been made, by reporting the relevant receipt or tracking number which will be sent to the email provided at the time of registration to the site and activate all the procedures and necessary checks that can help resolve the situation positively. In any case of dispute without a positive solution, MJJCENTER.COM has the right to ask the customer for details to clarify. Once the responsibility of the customer and MJJCENTER.COM has been excluded, a full refund will be made at the time of online checkout, unless further agreements between the parties. If the responsibility for the loss of the package is attributable to errors and / or behavior of the customer when ordering online, MJJCENTER.COM will not be required to reimburse anything and will be automatically relieved of any responsibility and / or obligation.

The customer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal in case of purchase of cd / dvd / bluray or other equivalent audio-video material if the original package of the package has been opened. Due to the intrinsic nature of these articles, Italian law does not allow the right of withdrawal unless the products are still presented in their original packaging, packaged and unopened. In that case MJJCENTER.COM will make itself available to the customer for a possible replacement, at no additional cost, once the return considered defective has been returned.

The contract between MJJCENTER.COM and the customer is subject to the applicable laws relating to remote retail trade. This guarantees that in the event of internet orders, the place of jurisdiction in the event of a dispute is that of the customer's residence.

Within the European Community, the consumer has the opportunity to have his online rights protected through the new tool for resolving disputes by the European Commission, which, through simple procedures, allows a third party to manage any dispute between the seller and the consumer. You can learn more about the subject directly on the European Commission's website here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/live-work-travel-eu/consumer-rights-and-complaints/resolve-your-consumer-complaint_it

These terms and conditions are drawn up in good faith and respecting the legal order of the Italian laws. If, for any reason, part of these terms are found to be invalid or ineffective, the effectiveness and validity of the rest of the conditions will remain unchanged.

The company Boerci Daniele (MJJCENTER.COM) undertakes to provide the Service in the manner, at the conditions and at the price indicated on the website. MJJCENTER.COM reserves the right to modify or supplement these Conditions by publishing them on the website: these modifications will be effective from the moment of their publication on MJJCENTER.COM.